How to get diamonds in Free Fire


Diamonds are one of the most significant items in Free Fire, because they can be used to buy exclusive items such as clothes, weapons, vehicles, etc. and consequently get a greater advantage in the game.

Earning diamonds for free is not easy, not to mention that the amount received is sometimes well below the minimum required to purchase any item.

The purchase of diamonds can be done through the Free Fire APK, using a credit card, Google Play gift card, or the Recarga Jogo website, and it is not that cheap.

Because of this, many people look for ways to get diamonds for free. However, joining malicious sites just to earn diamonds is not advisable, because not only will you not get what you intended, but you run the risk of losing your account.

There are several videos on YouTube that offer tips and easy solutions to get a considerable amount of diamonds, but most of them show schemes that do not really work, as you can see from the comments on these videos.

The fact is that there is no way to earn many diamonds for free, but there are ways to get some from various sources.

Below you can check out some tips on how to earn diamonds for free, without cheating and without risking your account:

Through in-game events: you can get diamonds by participating in events in Free fire. During the year, Garena holds several themed events in which you can participate and win prizes.

The last event was the Easter event, through which the new Certified Slaughter mode was created, the objective of which is to conquer opponents’ attributes. This event made it possible to earn almost 20,000 diamonds.

To get this reward, the player had to invite friends to play Free fire.

During the period of each event it is possible to get diamonds on the start island (lobby), they are spread all over the island for the duration of the event.

The developer’s events are not limited to those available in-game, the company also holds events on its digital platforms such as BOOYAH!, a live streaming platform and videos, where players can follow lives and watch clips of various moves, or make their own.

The latest event made 10,000 diamonds available for the 10 most liked videos on the platform. To compete, players were required to record 30-second videos with any type of content, as long as they featured a player dancing Battle Royale.

It is also possible to win diamonds by participating in the Brazilian Free Fire League, within the platform, through Free Fire codes. Diamond codes are sent by the winners’ notifications.

Besides the prizes for the winners, BOOYAH! also provides diamonds for those who watch the lives of the final league

. In addition to the events and platforms, the developer also offers diamond promotions in partnership with some companies, such as Burger King, which provided diamonds for anyone who bought a sandwich.


Through other apps: Some apps also allow you to receive diamonds to be used in the game. Google Opinion Rewards is a Google app created in 2013, which offers credits to those who answer surveys provided by the company, which can be spent on Google Play.

To use this app, one must download it through the Play Store and answer some personal questions, such as age and household income. Approximately once a week a survey is sent according to your profile.

After answering the survey, the credits received will automatically be available in your account. Typically, each completed survey can generate a reward of up to $R3.00.

The survey questions are usually related to promotions or tourist destinations. Credits from this application can be used to buy games, music, or books, as well as diamonds in Free Fire.

To redeem the credits, you must open the Play Store application, click on the three dashes, and select the “Account” option. Once selected, you must go to the “Rewards” tab and click on “Get reward”.

Some credits are not converted into cash immediately, as they are sometimes made available exclusively for certain games, and you may need to select an amount less than the reward amount to enjoy the bonus received, as there may be additional charges during in-game purchase.

In the case of Free Fire, you can use Google Rewards credits as follows:

  • Open the game app;
  • Go to the item diamonds and select the purchase option (try to select an amount slightly below the value of the reward);
  • If this is the first purchase, you must enter some personal data in the application, such as full name, phone number and CPF.
  • In the “payment method” section enter the Google Opinion Rewards code all together and in capital letters. You will get the invalid code message, but this is completely normal.
  • A confirmation window will open with the purchase data;
  • When you confirm the purchase, the diamonds will be added to the game account and the credits debited from the account of the survey app.

Another application used to get diamonds is “Clash for apps“, an application where you can do various tasks, such as watching videos and answering surveys, in order to get a gift card to use in games.

To use it in Free Fire, simply make a normal diamond purchase and select the Google Play gift card as your payment option.

The game developer has also run some promotions using this type of card, offering diamond bonuses to users who select this payment method.

These are the only ways to earn free diamonds in Free Fire in a legal way, without risking any penalties, such as losing your account.

It is also possible to earn diamonds as a bonus by purchasing other diamonds. As in the case of users of the company Razer Gold, which ran a promotion at the end of 2019, offering a 90% bonus on the purchase of diamonds for those who used the company’s credit on Recarga Jogo, Garena’s website for the purchase of the same diamond packs as those available in the game app, but without the need for a credit card.

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